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  • Cutie Mark

    Hello, Jamming Blogs haven't been written in a while. So I'll today write a blog! Today, the Jamming Blog's topic's........

    What do you think about Diamonds? What do you think? Do you think it should be earned more often? Do you think there should be free ways of getting diamonds? Do you wish diamonds were available for non members too?, e.g.

    I think diamonds should be earned more often. You can rarely get them in the Daily Spin, I got 3 diamonds from it. I think there should be more free ways, though. Now.....


    leave a comment.......


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  • Cutie Mark

    Heya! Jamming blogs are here again guys. I hope you had excellent ideas for the last blog. Our topic is:

    If you were the creator of Animal Jam, what places would you make?

    Include all details. I would make a jungle (not so wild!) and it would have the game Falling Phantoms and Spider Zapper.

    Jammers, comment below and think your own unique ideas! Be creative! :D

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  • Cutie Mark

    Jamming-Part 3

    March 29, 2014 by Cutie Mark

    The Jamming blog hasn't been written for a while. :P This week, I'm going to do the Jamming blog. So we've introduced our users, thought of changes of what can be tweaked (added) to Animal Jam. I've saw that non-members need a bird animal. I strongly agree with this, because the eagles have been annoying some of the users, and the non members yet can't get an eagle. I hope soon the Animal Jam HQ'll do this. Anyways, this topic for this week's blog is...

    If you could make any animal in Animal Jam, what would it be?

    Include details. How much would it cost? What animal? Non member or member? Would it cost diamonds? If so, how much diamonds? What would its dance moves be? Could it unlock a passage in an adventure?

    To be honest, I want a falcon on…

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