Sky High is an Animal Jam game in Coral Canyons and other locations, you play as the animal you are playing as currently, and have to jump on the clouds. Collect as many gems as you can, and avoid the Phantoms. You can buy one Sky High Game for your Den with diamonds. To move your animal up higher in the sky, you have to tap the key arrows to move on to other clouds. The main key is to go as high as you can, and try and go on as many clouds as possible. Incredibly, the Animal Jam HQ has said you can not just earn gems;you came earn worn blankets, and many other incredible, rare items! Image sheriaj

You can earn rare items by finding treasure chests on the clouds, and other items, not just gems. It is not possible to get diamonds in the Game. You can also earn Pirate Swords, and not just rare items, but super rare items!