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Joeys are land Pets that can be unlocked by purchasing the mobile game AJ Jump ($1.99) by earning 1000 points and transferring the Pet to your account, meaning that Joeys are currently available to non-members.

How To Transfer

Some Jammers have found it difficult to figure out how they are supposed to transfer their Joey over to their account, so here's a short guide on how to do it:

  1. Log into the account that you wish to transfer your Pet to.
  2. Once you've logged in, click "Transfer Joey".
  3. Done!

Remember that once you've transferred your Joey, you cannot move it to a different account.


Different Pets have different traits, here's the Joey's:

  • When standing still, the Joey will rock back and forth on it's back.
  • When the Joey is in play action, it does a moonwalk.
  • If your Joey is wearing boxing gloves, its play action will change into kicking and punching.
  • If you dress your Joey in boots, it will jump up and down on the coil springs when in play action.
  • When wearing the phantom bouncy ball, the Joey will play with it by flinging it up into the air.
  • When the Joey is wearing its boomerang, it will throw it off screen and catch it when it comes back.

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