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Howls are short lines of text which can be submitted and read in Jammer Central. The first time you submit an approved Howl, you will receive a jam-a-gram from Animal Jam Headquarters with a Howl Plaque if you are member, while you will receive a gift as non-member. The howl Plaques has a golden wolf howling at the moon on it.

How to send a Howl

A short and simple guide on how to send Howl:

  1. Go to Jamaa Township.
  2. You should be able to see a message board above Jammer Central. On this message board, you can send your Howl, post art, watch a video, and check the activities calendar.
  3. Click on Jammer Central, and you can see the button that says "Submit A Howl".
  4. Click on "Submit A Howl".
  5. Now you will be able to type your own text. Don't forget to be nice!
  6. Click "Send" and you're done.
  7. If your howl gets chosen by Ajhq you will get a howl plaque and your howl will be posted for other jammers to see!

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