Bats are a pet that can be adopted in Jamaa. However, this pet is only unlocked on a special occasion of which Halloween. It is available during Day of The Phantoms. This pet is only available for members. However, it was said this pet was not in the Claws'n Paws shop. You had to do something mysterious to get this pet.
Image firstadoptingabatanimaljam

First adopting a bat.

It is said that the bats were "were hiding throughout Jamaa". These bat pets are known to be a rare pet; because it is tricky to get one! They came in all different varieties of shapes, colours, items and many more. Bats were probably free to get.

Image Bataj


There was not one type of bat to get, there was many different bats to get. They were in different sizes and shapes. The bats are probably the first known pet to fly.


Example of a bat's profile.

Bats will fly away from Jamaa after the Day of The Phantoms celebrations are gone.