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Art Commisions: Bøbabear

Hello! I'll be doing art commisions for the time being, which means I am painting custom paintings for things on aj. So yeah! I'll just state some rules, and here is an example of my drawing ahaha. P.s my user is bøbabear
屏幕快照 2020-10-08 08.27.39.png

So- I drew that, it took a while lmao. 

  • 1. I am not a robot- I can't make 60 paintings at once. If I say I'll do your masterpiece, it can take up to a week. Do not rush me, as there is also the approval for AJHQ.
  • 2. Don't abandon the drawing. After im done working on it, you can't go "Nvm I don't want it anymore." Of course, the appearance is important, but If it looks nothing alike, I won't force you to take it.
  • 3. My art style. I do different types of artstyles, the one up there was anime. I absoloutely can not draw still life/ scenery, anything that is supposed to look very very real. Please do not request it as I will die trying to draw it :')

You can attach a link to the drawing you want, or just attach a picture. I can draw cartoon, kawaii stuff, but depending on the orders, it can take a while. I think thats it! I look forward to your orders! Stay safe! -xoxo bøbabear