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A list of achievements.


Achievements can be earned throughout doing many activities in Jamma. There are many achievements that can be earned and more are constantly being added. Achievements show your skill on animal jam and how long you've been playing.

Below is the list of the achievements:

Achievement Category: Achievement Name:
Become a member of the Animal Jam Club Welcome to the Club!
Earn 1,000 gems 1,000 Gems!
Earn 10,000 gems 10,000 Gems!
Earn 25,000 gems 25,000 Gems!
Earn 50,000 gems 50,000 Gems!
Earn 100,000 gems 100,000 Gems!
Spend 5,000 gems 5,000 Gems Spent!
Spend 15,000 gems 15,000 Gems Spent!
Spend 35,000 gems 35,000 Gems Spent!
Spend 65,000 gems 65,000 Gems Spent!
Spend 100,000 gems 100,000 Gems Spent!
Den Shopping:
Purchase 25 den items 25th Den Item!
Purchase 50 den items 50th Den Item!
Purchase 100 den items 100th Den Item!
Purchase 250 den items 250th Den Item!
Accessory Shopping:
Purchase 25 items Clothes Shopper 25!
Purchase 50 items Clothes Shopper 50!
Purchase 100 items Clothes Shopper 100!
Purchase 250 items Clothes Shopper 250!
Send a Jam-a-Gram Pen Pal!
Gift 1 item 1 Gift Sent!
Gift 10 items 10 Gifts Sent!
Gift 25 items 25 Gifts Sent!
Gift 50 items 50 Gifts Sent!
Gift 100 items 100 Gifts Sent!
Add your first buddy Buddy Added!
Change colors for the 1st time Color Me Rad!
Ride a combined total of 50 slides Whee!
Double Up:
Play Double Up 10 times Matchmaker!
Play Double Up 25 times Matchminor!
Play Double Up 40 times Matchmajor!
Play Double Up 60 times Matchmaster!
Beat Double Up in 15 seconds Fast Match!
Complete a game of Double Up without a mismatch Perfectionist!
Play Overflow 5 times Flowbie!
Play Overflow 15 times Flowbot!
Play Overflow 30 times Flowmaster!
Play Overflow 50 times Open the Floodgates!
Complete level 50 of Overflow Overflow Boss!
Complete level 100 of Overflow Overflow Master!
Earn 300 gems in one session of Overflow 300!
Temple of Trivia:
Play Temple of Trivia 5 times Whiz Kid!
Play Temple of Trivia 10 times Prodigy!
Play Temple of Trivia 25 times Head of the Class!
Play Temple of Trivia 50 times A+!
Earn the star in Temple of Trivia Trivia Star!
Wind Rider:
Play Wind Rider 10 times Stratus!
Play Wind Rider 20 times Nimbus!
Play Wind Rider 35 times Cumulus!
Play Wind Rider 50 times Cirrus!
Earn the treasure in Wind Rider Cloud Commander!
Complete 10 co-op games of Wind Rider Team Rider!
Phantom Fighter:
Play Phantom Fighter 5 times Fighter!
Play Phantom Fighter 10 times Hunter!
Play Phantom Fighter 25 times Exterminator!
Play Phantom Fighter 50 times Eradicator!
Complete wave 40 in Phantom Fighter Phantom Warrior!
Use every power-up in one game of Phantom Fighter Superpower!
Complete 3 levels of Phantom Fighter without getting hit Untouchable!
Gem Ball:
Play Gem Ball 10 times Play Ball!
Play Gem Ball 20 times On the Ball!
Play Gem Ball 35 times Having a Ball!
Play Gem Ball 50 times Great Balls of Fire!
Earn the jackpot in Gem Ball Jackpot!
Earn 2 jackpots in one game of Gem Ball Double Jackpot!
Spider Zapper:
Play Spider Zapper 5 times Pea Shooter!
Play Spider Zapper 10 times Crack Shot!
Play Spider Zapper 25 times Sharpshooter!
Play Spider Zapper 50 times Deadeye!
Complete wave 40 in Spider Zapper Spider King!
Beat level 50 in a co-op game of Spider Zapper Team Zapper!
Long Shot:
Play Long Shot 10 times Far!
Play Long Shot 20 times Farther!
Play Long Shot 35 times Farthest!
Play Long Shot 50 times Farthererest!
Reach a distance of 10,000+ in Long Shot 10,000 Plus!
Reach a distance of 20,000+ in Long Shot 20,000 Plus!
River Race:
Play River Race 5 times Petty Officer!
Play River Race 10 times Lieutenant!
Play River Race 25 times Captain!
Play River Race 50 times Admiral!
Win River Race 5 times Speed Boat!
Play Twister 5 times Breeze!
Play Twister 10 times Wind!
Play Twister 25 times Gale!
Play Twister 50 times Storm!
Achieve a score of 30,000+ in Twister Twister Top Dog!
Fly through 18 rings in one round of Twister Ring King!
Sky High:
Play Sky High 5 times Bouncer!
Play Sky High 15 times Hopper!
Play Sky High 30 times Jumper!
Play Sky High 50 times Vaulter!
Reach the treasure chest in Sky High Treasure Chest!
Mira Says:
Play Mira Says 5 times Mime!
Play Mira Says 10 times Imitator!
Play Mira Says 25 times Mimicker!
Play Mira Says 50 times Copycat!
Complete the full sequence in Mira Says Mira Says!
Gem Breaker:
Play Gem Breaker 10 times Breaker!
Play Gem Breaker 20 times Buster!
Play Gem Breaker 35 times Crasher!
Play Gem Breaker 50 times Smasher!
Win 10 multiplayer games of Gem Breaker Gem Guru!
Complete level 20 of Gem Breaker Gem Ace!
Super Sort:
Play Super Sort 5 times Reduce!
Play Super Sort 10 times Reuse!
Play Super Sort 25 times Recycle!
Play Super Sort 50 times Sir Sortsalot!
Correctly sort 200 items in a row in Super Sort Super Sorter!
Complete level 20 of Super Sort Go Green!
Pest Control:
Play Pest Control 10 times Squash!
Play Pest Control 20 times Smash!
Play Pest Control 35 times Squish!
Play Pest Control 50 times Splat!
Defeat 500 tarantulas in Pest Control 400 Legs!
Defeat 10,000 pests in Pest Control 10,000 Pests!
Fruit Slinger:
Play Fruit Slinger 10 times Fruit Salad!
Play Fruit Slinger 20 times Fruit Cake!
Play Fruit Slinger 35 times Fruit Juice!
Play Fruit Slinger 50 times Fruit Basket!
Win 25 multiplayer games of Fruit Slinger Ripe!
Complete level 1-10 in Fruit Slinger Peachy Keen!
Complete Level 5-10 in Fruit Slinger Top Banana!
Defeat 300 phantoms in Fruit Slinger Fruit Of The Doom!
Defeat every phantom in a fort with one shot in Fruit Slinger Kaboom!
Pill Bugs:
Play Pill Bugs 5 times Bounce!
Play Pill Bugs 10 times Recoil!
Play Pill Bugs 25 times Rebound!
Play Pill Bugs 50 times Ricochet!
Complete every level of Pill Bugs Roly Poly!
Clear every bug in a level of Pill Bugs Bug Bomb!
Earn every gold ladybug in Pill Bugs Go For The Gold!
Phantom's Treasure:
Play Phantom's Treasure 5 times Seek!
Play Phantom's Treasure 10 times Scan!
Play Phantom's Treasure 25 times Search!
Play Phantom's Treasure 50 times Discover!
Complete a level of Phantom's Treasure in under one minute Quick Find!
Find 500 items in Phantom's Treasure Pinpoint!
Eat 'Em Up:
Play Eat 'Em Up 5 times Nibble!
Play Eat 'Em Up 10 times Bite!
Play Eat 'Em Up 25 times Chomp!
Play Eat 'Em Up 50 times Gulp!
Eat 500 fish in Eat 'Em Up Om Nom Nom!
Eat 5000 fish in Eat 'Em Up Big Tuna!
Hot Cocoa:
Create 25 cups of hot cocoa Yummy Cocoa!
Brady Barr's Chemistry Set:
Create Dr. Barr's secret formula Chemist!
Buddy Games:
Play 25 buddy games Friendly Gamer!
Play 50 buddy games Friendlier Gamer!
Play 100 buddy games Friendliest Gamer!
Win 10 buddy games Winner!
Win 25 buddy games Victor!
Win 50 buddy games Champion!
Answer 15 Calls of the Wild Answer The Call!
Acquire your first pet First Pet!
Acquire a pet with a rare feature One Of A Kind!
Fill 4 pet inventory slots Four Pets!